Monday, February 18, 2008

Having a Crafty Day

I would not classify most of what I do as crafting. But, sometimes, a craft-type project comes along and must be tackled. I am going to a belated Valentine party on Wednesday night. My Red Hat group is having their monthly get together and since it is February, we are going to exchange Valentines. Part of the rules were that we have to decorate a shoe box like we did when we were children--the concept, not the exact style. At the end of the evening, we are going to vote for the best decorated box.

I couldn't find a shoe box, but I found a folding box at Michael's for $0.79. It is a little smaller than a shoe box, but it is the right size and shape. Here is my completed Valentine mailbox.

So how did I do this? First, here is the supply list: cardboard box, red tissue paper torn into smallish pieces, Mod Podge, Glitter Mod Podge, paper doilies--heart-shaped and round, 1 sheet of purple scrapbooking paper, 1 package of small gift cards with purple flowers, a plastic "crystal" heart bracelet. All of the supplies were either already in my closet or were purchased at Michael's. I only spent around $3.50 for the things I needed to buy.

Now for the directions:

1. Use Mod Podge to decoupage torn red tissue paper on the top and sides of the box. For a top coat, I used Glitter Mod Podge--something I found in my closet that I had never used. If you look closely, you may be able to see that the red surface sparkles a little.

2. When it is dry, carefully cut a mail slot in the back of the box with an exacto knife.

3. Glue on heart-shaped paper doilies.

4. Cut the front off the gift cards and cut squares from the purple scrapbook paper about the same size as the gift card covers and one larger square.

5. Glue the gift card cover to the purple square and glue the whole assembly to the top of the box.

6. Make two more gift card-purple square assemblies and glue each one to the center of a round doily. Glue one of these to each end of the box.

7. Glue the larger purple square to the front of the box. It will serve as a background to make the "crystal" heart stand out.

8. Use a paper punch to punch a hole in the front of the box and in the lid. I was able to hide the hole in the lid under the edge of the doily. Make sure your holes are large enough for the chain on the bracelet to fit through. This was very difficult and I had to have my husband do the actual punching--his hands are stronger. The Mod Podge makes the paper and the cardboard very stiff.

9. Thread the chain of the bracelet through the front of the box with the "crystal" on the outside. Then thread it up through the lid of the box. Close the lid and loop the chain down behind the "crystal" and fasten it on the front close to the hole in the lid. This way, you don't have to shorten the chain and you don't have to remove the whole bracelet when you want to open the box. Just unfasten it and lift the lid enough to get the cards out.

10. Finally, use a gold marker to write your name on the box so people know that this is your address.

I think my box turned out pretty well and I even kept the red and purple theme. It will be fun to see what everyone else does.