Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where has the month gone???

I have spent most of this month supervising our kitchen renovation. It is almost finished and I am actually able to cook in the new kitchen. In between my supervisory activities, I have done a little painting and made a couple of baskets. This basket was made as a wedding gift for my cousin. The weaving is in a twill pattern. It is built on a slotted wooden base. The overall size is 10x14x10-inches-tall.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Fun Font

Sometimes you find the answer to a problem in an unexpected place. One of my baskets for the luncheon is a basket of games. All sorts of games: jacks, pick-up sticks, a yo-yo, a cube puzzle, a deck of cards, dominoes, a wooden puzzle, and a glass chess set. In addition to these items, every basket has to have at least 3 painted items and I was really struggling over what I might paint. The container for this basket is a canvas storage bin. While I was noodling over ideas for painted items, I came across a font in MS Word called Game Night. The font consists of Scrabble tiles for each letter of the alphabet. PERFECT!!! Here is what the canvas storage bin looks like now.